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Mail Surveys Still Make $ense?  They Sure Do!
Some clients are surprised to learn that a large part of our business involves Mail Surveys.  Since 1985 we have averaged over 200,000 Mail Surveys per year.  That's a lot of mailing and a lot of experience.
When you use Mail, you put your questionnaire in the hands of your respondent.  There are no phony e-mails to contend with, spam filters to fight, restricted phone numbers and other hi-tech pot-holes in the information superhighway.
Our Mail Survey clients typically collect much more information per their project dollar spent,  than they can using other survey approaches.
Do people still fill-out mail survey forms they received in the mail?  Yep!
In fact, response rates to the typical Mail Survey are often more than double those than can be achieved using web-based approaches.  Respondents are also more likely to complete a Mail Survey than they are to stay with an online form of similar length.  Drop-off rates for web-based surveys can be very high (and therefore costly) even among the most dedicated panel members.
Whether a straight Mail Survey, phone-to-mail, mail-to-web, or other mixed methodologies, mail surveys are still a viable, accurate and cost-effective tool for many of our clients.
Are you wondering if a Mail Survey might be the best way to conduct your next research project?  It might be!  Call us and find out!

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